Hi, I'm Mike Frieze

Web developer based in Metro Detroit

My interest in web development began in high school, where I taught myself enough PHP, HTML, and CSS to create a music forum using phpBB. Though I didn't pursue coding seriously at the time, I had a lot of fun and this early exposure sparked my interest in programming.

A Python course at Macomb Community College reignited my interest, leading me to pursue a computer science degree. This journey culminated in my first job as a Java developer, working on the student portal at Oakland University.

While working as a back-end developer for a few years, I slowly transitioned to the front end. I now mostly utilize JavaScript and innovative technologies such as React, Next.js, Astro, TypeScript, Tailwind, etc. My focus is on building intuitive user interfaces and dynamic web solutions that deliver great user experiences.

My interests outside of web development include playing guitar, making music with other musicians, and going to concerts. Music has always been an important part of my life. I also enjoy immersing myself in PC games like ”Star Citizen” and ”Crusader Kings 3”.

A bit about my family - Kayla, my partner of over 14 years, is a kindergarten teacher and spends most of her time reading books. Our 9-year-old chihuahua is our everyday companion.

Curious about how we can work together or just want to chat? Send me an email or connect with me on platforms like X, Reddit, or Facebook.